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> Architectural Lighting Consultant

Lighting Professionals Inc understands how daunting a new project can be. Whether you are considering building a brand new home, developing new office space or working on a renovation, designing a sound architectural lighting plan for your construction is of vital importance. Our lighting designs are developed to meet client's needs and reveal the space as intended by the Architectural Team. Our services are available to architects and interior designers as well as to the end user.

No matter where you live, Lighting Professionals Inc is your lighting consultant of choice, no matter how large or small your project is.

If you are planning to design a new building, or simply need some advice from a qualified lighting designer, give Lighting Professionals Inc a call today. We will be happy to offer you more information and set up an appointment to assess your lighting needs.

> Certified Lighting Designer

For more than 30 years, and throughout the country, Lighting Professionals Inc’s certified and qualified lighting designers have been helping architects, interior designers and residential and business owners with their lighting needs. We understand how complicated and technical lighting has become. This is why we offer each of our customers personalized and attentive lighting design services. We always take the time to explain in detail the many options available during the preliminary design phase.

For renovations or new work; one room or large residential or commercial projects, we can create the lighting concepts or work through to completed blueprints and specifications. In all cases you can count on Lighting Professionals Inc to satisfy your lighting needs in a timely manner. We believe that every one of our customers deserves the same level of attention and customer service, regardless of the size of their architectural project or of their budget. We happily take the time necessary to ensure that we provide a plan that will fit within your architectural budget, and time frame.

> Lighting Design

At Lighting Professionals Inc, we believe in not only offering the best lighting design services available, but also in helping our customers learn more about architectural lighting so they can be confident of the work being accomplished every step of the way. Lighting Professionals Inc has years of experience working on both smaller and larger architectural projects.

Whatever the size of your architectural project or budget, we will be able to help. Stop dreaming of your architectural project, and let us help you bring it to life.